Bard Care offers a range of catheters and accessories

Intermittent catheters are intended for use by adults and paediatrics, male and female patients for draining urine from the bladder. Bard Care, a division of Bard, has designed a range of catheters. This range includes Magic3 and Magic3 GO, which are single-use hydrophilic coated intermittent catheters, as well as Spirit, a range of hydrocolloid male external catheters. Please note that the re-use of a single-use device may create the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

Female Catheters

Magic3 with M3 technology is the first intermittent catheter made with three all-silicone layers. The Sure-Grip insertion sleeve firmly grasps the slippery surface and slides smoothly along the catheter, making it easier to manoeuvre. It provides more control at the tip of the catheter. The no-touch insertion technique allows the catheter to be held firmly without touching the surface. This minimises the risk of contamination while catheterising.

Magic3 GO is a ready-to-use silicone hydrophilic intermittent female catheter which is 15 cm in length with a self-hydrating coating that doesn’t require patient activation with water or lubricant prior to use. Magic3 Go also has the same unique three layers of silicone as the Magic3.

Male Catheters

Spirit is the first and only self-adhering male sheath to combine the superior moisture-wicking properties of a hydrocolloid adhesive with the unmatched breathability of silicone to control the level of skin moisture. Less moisture means improved adherence to the skin.


Bard Care offers a range of accessories that will make it easier and more comfortable to use your catheter. Spirit offers a range of leg and bed nags designed to fit Bard Intermittent, Male External and Foley Catheters. Spirit Leg Bags are available in 500 ml and 750 ml volume with a tube length of 60 cm, which can be cut to the required length.

Spirit Bed Bags are available in 2 000 ml volume with 115 cm tubing both sterile and non-sterile. Codes on Spirit leg and bed bags are available on request.

Bard Care also offers Biocath catheters, which are hydrogel-coated foley catheters that can stay in for up to 90 days, as well as a range of suprapubic catheters.

Personal attention is an important facet of healthcare and Bard has undertaken to make people’s lives easier. It’s a promise of care, comfort and choice.

Through Bard, people and patients have access not only to good-quality products, but also to services and support offered by well-trained nurses as well as access to support with medical-aid reimbursement through excellent case management.

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