Accessible parking only for wheelchair users

The accessible parking facilities are a human right for wheelchair users only argues Ari Seirlis There seems to be a confusion among many, including people with disabilities, about the use of the wheelchair- demarcated parking facilities. Let me give some context to the design and purpose. The National Building Regulations […]

Bread tags to wheels for children with disabilities

QASA donated wheelchairs to two learners from the Mason Lincoln Special School in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, after the school collected bread tags. A third chair was donated by Polystyrene Association of South Africa. With the help of Umhlali Preparatory School, Mason Lincoln Special School collected enough bread tags over two years […]

Affordable prosthesis in Western Cape

If you are amputated in the Western Cape and make use of the government services to obtain a prosthesis, what can you expect? Heinrich Grimsehl investigated and was pleasantly surprised The Western Cape Department of Health Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre services thousands of people every year to make their assistive […]