Do it at home

Exercise is great for health and mood, but not everyone can afford to pay gym fees or find an accessible gym. A little extra space or a spare bedroom is all you need to create an accessible gym at home. Regular exercise has been proven to assist in preventing depression, […]

Prevent pressure sores!

If you’re a wheelchair user who has experienced pressure sores (aka decubitus ulcers, bed sores, or pressure ulcers), these tips are for you! Many wheelchair users believe that getting pressure sores is part of everyday life. This is not necessarily the case. Pressure sores can be prevented! Just follow our tips… 1. Shift your weight […]

Q&A with Catherine van Staden

We sat down with Catherine van Staden, who has a degenerative disease, and chatted about how sport has changed her life Adegenerative condition known as Hereditary Spastic Paralysis (HSP) causes a person to slowly lose the functionality in their limbs. Catherine has this condition in her legs. She has not […]