Support for small businesses

Paraplegic and quadriplegic small business owners can sigh of relief as the Quadriplegic and Paraplegic Charitable Trust of South Africa offers support to businesses in distress as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. “The Charitable Trust understands that these are tough times for small businesses, especially those owned by quadriplegics […]

Driving you to your ambitions

The existing public transport system in South Africa is inaccessible for people with mobility impairments. With no accessible transport, wheelchair users have fewer opportunities to develop their skills, attend job interviews or advance their careers. QASA offers people with mobility impairments the chance to learn to drive. The QASA Driving […]

Entrepreneur with a disability steps up

Anda Mthulu started a shoeshine business to provide more job opportunities. “The drive for inclusion in the workplace of people with disabilities was one of the main reasons I started Msi Shoeshine and Services,” he explains. Serving the Pinelands offices of Old Mutual and the Southern Sun Cape Sun hotel […]

Medical aids crucial to treating mental disorders

As with most medical conditions, there are numerous treatment options available to someone who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. However, most people don’t understand how medical aids can help. This is especially true for schizophrenia – a complex disorder that affects a person’s ability to think clearly, form […]

Greater risk of abuse for children with disabilities

Among the range of rights violations that children with disabilities have to endure, abuse ranks as the vilest. Their physical and emotional abuse and neglect, alongside sexual exploitation, including rape, should be of prime concern for all South Africans. In fact, children with disabilities are three times more likely to […]