How self-confident are you?

Before you answer this question, you ought to understand what confidence really means. Confidence isn’t something that can be learned, like a set of rules. It is a state of mind. Positive thinking, general knowledge and talking to other people are all useful tools to help improve or boost your...

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Entrepreneurship: a pipe dream?

Self-employment is a means to earn a living and offers more independence and flexibility. But is it a realistic option for the 99 percent of unemployed South Africans with disabilities? Being an entrepreneur can be liberating for many people. However, it comes with its own challenges, especially if you’re an...

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Empowerment remains a dream

There is still a long way to go before people with disabilities are empowered. The term “empowerment” refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and communities. As an action, empowerment refers to both the process of self-empowerment and the professional support, enabling people […]

Injustice must stop

When any kind of injustice occurs, we need to fight for our rights. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were done wrong, but the other party made the situation seem like they were the victim? Twelve months ago, I bought a used car online from J&J […]

The quest for true love

Many of us desire a long-lasting romantic relationship, but you don’t need a partner in life to be complete Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There are many kinds of love, but, for most of us, it finds expression through a romantic relationship with […]

It’s a Wrap!

After coming full circle, it’s time to rewrite a life story and to embrace whatever life throws in the way. I launched my first book, My Life Climax, in August 2017 and in it I take the reader through an incredible journey of living a fruitful life, with or without […]