Importance of a CV

  A Curriculum Vitae (CV) plays an important role in giving potential employers insight into who you are. Rustim Ariefdien explains Your CV is a vital tool in your quest to find employment. It represents who you are, what you’ve achieved, your competencies and what you offer a prospective employer....

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Value of the disability grant

The pandemic has shaken the economy, leaving many destitute. But people with disabilities are perhaps more fortunate as Rustim Ariefdine points out We are living through trying times. Unemployment has hit record levels of 34,4 percent or 44,4 percent for the expanded unemployment rate. Most alarming is the rate of...

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Disability empowerment

There are limited employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Fortunately, with some skills and knowledge, they can be more attractive to potential employers. Rustim Ariefdien explains People with disabilities remain a marginalised group in South Africa when it comes to economic empowerment. Only 1,1 percent of those included in the...

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BBBEE in socio economic development

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) and businesses can benefit from the socio- economic development (SED) element in the BBBEE Scorecard. RUSTIM ARIEFDIEN explains The socio economic development element is for the benefit of NPOs that, ideally, provides services to more than 75 percent black beneficiaries with disabilities. Businesses can obtain five points...

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Enterprise development with the help of BBBEE

Businesses can score big on their BBBEE Scorecard by supporting NPOs and business owners with disabilities. RUSTIM ARIEFDIEN explains how The Enterprise and Supplier Development element of the BBBEE Scorecard carries the most points. There is a maximum of 44 points that a company can earn made up of 26 […]

Disability employment amid COVID-19

Rustim Ariefdien takes a look at how the global COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown has impacted disability employment COVID-19 is having an adverse effect on our health, food security and economic wellbeing on a global scale, let alone in South Africa. The health implications are keeping us in lockdown […]

Disability and BBBEE

With new amendments to the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act introduced in December, now is the perfect time to revisit its implications for disability. Rustim Ariefdien provides an overview The BBBEE Act essentially works on the understanding that years of systemic racism contribute to contemporary economic woes and that...

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