Integration starts with me

Rather than fighting for government, policies or society to fast-track integration, people with disabilities should work towards integration themselves We live in a country where government tries to correct the wrongs and inequities of society through legislation, while people with disabilities protest their exclusion by advocating for better accessibility and...

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Hidden demons of paralysis

The visible damage associated with spinal cord injury (SCI) is very apparent, but the unseen damages often have an even greater impact on the individual The loss of sexual functionality, bladder and bowel control, the antics of autonomic dysreflexia and the difficulties with temperature regulation are additional disabilities that mess […]

Fruits of frustration

Frustration is inevitable when your life changes very suddenly. People with disabilities as well as caregivers should consider how they express their frustrations. As persons with disabilities, we do become frustrated with our own inabilities; at those times cute aphorisms like “otherwise enabled” do not help much. I watch rugby, […]