Tips to travel by road safety

Between lockdown restrictions and civil unrest, travelling safely can be challenging. Mandy Latimore provides tips for remaining safe on the road The civil unrest in June and August, as well as travel restrictions, has made me reconsider the safety measures that we need to put in place to travel safely […]

Renewing travel documents

After a year in lockdown, there might be some of your important travel documents that have expired. MANDY LATIMORE investigates the renewal process With the current lockdown and travel restrictions we may be remiss in checking the expiry date of various travel documents from passports to vehicle licences. It is […]

Level 1 travel restrictions

Although international travel is open, it is by no means easier to travel. Mandy Latimore takes a look at the rules in place to protect travellers from COVID-19 With the president moving the country to Level 1 of the lockdown, there have been conflicting and confusing reports about travel into […]