A certified car seat is the only way to travel

Car seats are required by the National Road Traffic Act to have the correct and appropriate certification. This same law requires children to be transported in a car seat until age three, and thereafter in a car seat if one is available. Best practice, however, is to keep your child safe in a car seat until they are at least 1,5 m tall.

Vehicles are not designed around the dimensions and requirements of children. They are especially not designed around the needs of a child with core stability issues. The BeSafe Izi Up HC is certified as a booster seat and as a special-needs booster.

It has not just one but two certifications, with the stickers clearly displayed on the back of the seat. The seat has been crash-tested at 50 km per hour with all its modifications and has been found to be safe for use in a vehicle.

Products that do not have European safety standards (ECE) approval are illegal and cannot be used. The standard is displayed as an orange sticker on all legal child restraints. Wheel Well’s Peggie Mars notes: “The failure of any other uncertified restraints used for our special little kiddies will only become apparent during a crash and that is when you need the seat to work at its best.”

Wheel Well has partnered with Born Fabulous, importers of the Scandinavian BeSafe products, to bring the BeSafe iZi Up HC car seat to South Africa, which ticks all the boxes required for a safe and easy to use booster seat. Born Fabulous and Wheel Well have waived all profit on this seat to make it more affordable.

“We thank the wonderful people at Born Fabulous that have made this seat available to our very special kids with needs that a normal booster seat cannot satisfy,” Mars concludes.

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