Chair donation for child

Pick n Pay, in partnership with QASA, was able to provide a nine-year old with a brand new wheelchair. The need for a wheelchair was brought to the attention of Pick n Pay by staff. The family reside in the Princess Plots Informal Settlement, in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

“This wheelchair has come at the right time as the mom had to carry her child wherever they needed to go,” the Pick n Pay team explained. After learning the dire situation the family faced, Pick n Pay reached out to QASA. The organisation has experience with providing its members with mobility devices. It quickly organised a small- sized manual wheelchair to fit the child.

“We are so deeply thankful that we as a company could partner with QASA – an organisation that has always assisted us when the need arose,” the Pick n Pay team stated. “A huge, big thank you to Raven Benny (QASA COO) for assisting us so speedily. Doing good is good business.”

In addition to the wheelchair, Pick n Pay donated groceries to the family to the value of R1 000. The groceries and chair were handed over to the family in January 2022 at the Princess Crossing Hypermarket.

“Words cannot describe the child’s joy and excitement when they were placed in the brand new wheelchair,” the Pick n Pay team concludes.

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