It’s a Wrap!

After coming full circle, it’s time to rewrite a life story and to embrace whatever life throws in the way.

I launched my first book, My Life Climax, in August 2017 and in it I take the reader through an incredible journey of living a fruitful life, with or without disability. The book is a frank and honest memoir, and the tough but positive road I have travelled since that fateful day in March 2003 when a car accident left me paralysed from the waist down. Despite it all, I continue to live my life to the full as best I can.

Until now, life has been nothing but an interesting and insightful journey. I have come a long way from being a Sunday school teacher at a young age to where I am today – an outgoing, professional and independent woman. Life has been fulfilling so far, and it can only get better.

What I know is that we are all spiritual beings. We are here to experience ourselves in this lifetime. This right here is what should happen between our birth and death. I don’t want to show up in heaven one day only to be told I haven’t explored myself enough and then be thrown back to life, say, to recover from a coma. From my mind, body and spiritual perspective, I remain open to exploring more and taking my spirituality to yet another level.

I am now rewriting my life story. What I have done before need not necessarily be repeated. I have experienced abundance and lack. I have worked for both wonderful as well as challenging organisations, and have embraced every experience. I love my life and welcome the unknown yet bright future.

Life happens. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, healthy or ailing, young or old, learned or illiterate, gay or straight, rural or urban. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet lived your life to the full. The mere fact that you wake up every morning means there is something out there for you to achieve. Whatever your situation may be, remember we all laugh, cry, mourn and celebrate – about more or less the same things. I have my disability, you have your situation. Live and love.


Emilie Olifant is a disability activist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She is the director of the Emilie Olifant Foundation, an organisation that strives to address socio-economic issues experienced by people with disabilities. email:

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