Regaining self-confidence

Nokozola Rantso regained her confidence while participating in the QASA Work Readiness Programme and is now employed with Sitwell Technologies.

With a vision to enable their members to live their lives to their full potential, QASA’s Work Readiness Programme is providing participants with knowledge, skills and the self-confidence to enter the formal world of work

I had given up on a lot of things, including myself, says Nokozola Rantso about her life before she participated in the QASA Work Readiness Programme, which assists

members in preparing for the world of work through a series of courses. Skills taught in the programme ranges from basic computer skills to soft skills like professional behaviour in the workplace.

After a two-month course, candidates of the programme are placed in internships with the hope that this would lead to permanent employment. For many, like Nokozola, this was the case.

“I’m extremely grateful to the programme as it has helped me in a lot of ways,” she says. “It opened doors for me as I was acquainted with a lot of people. I felt at home; that I belonged. The people showed love and support, which meant a lot.”

Through the programme, Nokozola regained the self-confidence to pursue a career. She went to several interviews and finally found employment with Sitwell Technologies. In addition to the confidence to find employment, Nokozola is motivated to work hard with dedication and determination following her time in the programme.

“It is my wish that a lot of people will get to know about QASA so that they can also get a chance to achieve the same if not more,” she concludes.

To accommodate more members from across the country, while also ensuring the safety of members and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Work Readiness Programme is now online. Members are provided with the hard- and software to complete the programme.

Applications for the programme is open year- round. For all enquiries or to apply, contact QASA at

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