Sailing the open seas on wheels

ROLLING INSPIRATION readers have the opportunity to join the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) on the open seas. People with disabilities and those without can board the JST as crew. The first expedition will take place in February with the JST SV Tenacious sailing from the Falkland Islands to Cape Town via South Georgia and Tristan de Cunha.

The SV Tenacious includes six wheelchair lifts between the decks and fixing points throughout to assist wheelchair users in rough weather; deck ribs, Braille signage and a speaking compass for the vision impaired; as well as vibrating alarm pads under the bunks and an induction loop for the hearing impaired.

People with very limited mobility can steer the ship using a joystick (much like that on electric wheelchairs). People with more severe disabilities who require their own carer can be accommodated in dedicated cabins that provide more privacy and suitable facilities.

The crew will “buddy up” to enhance the learning experience. These buddies will support each other throughout the voyage, sharing experiences and developing a special bond of friendship, often creating a positive and lasting impression.

ROLLING INSPIRATION readers can join the crew at a discount by using the promo code INSPIRATION241 when booking. It offers two people the opportunity to sail for the price of one. The trip from Falkland Islands to Cape Town via South Georgia and Tristan de Cunha will take place from February 26 to April 6, 2018.

The 40-day journey costs R39 600** per person (R990 per day) for accommodation, fresh food, tea, coffee and juice as well as the opportunity to brave the big blue. Another trip from South Africa to Antigua and Barbuda is available from April 9 to May 24, a 46-day voyage, for R32 850 per person (R715 per day).

For more information, phone Peter Mitchell at (0)410 468 470 or email If you would like to donate to the cause, visit

** South African Rand price at exchange rates at time of publication. Note prices may vary at time of booking due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

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