SpeediCath Navi is here

Coloplast has introduced SpeediCath® Navi, its innovative hydrophilic coated catheter. The latest addition to the SpeediCath® family is made specifically for Coloplast’s emerging markets, with the aim of raising the standard of care for catheter users with South Africa as the first country to launch

Many male catheter users prefer a soft catheter and there are good reasons for this preference. A soft catheter with a flexible tip ensures easy navigation, reduces the risk of complications, and ensures smooth passage through the natural curves and bends of the male urethra with the ability to better negotiate urethral strictures.

“We invest in our emerging markets and, as market leader, we are proud to offer superior products to help improve the quality of life for our catheter users in this region,” says Andrew Robinson, senior vice president for Coloplast Emerging Markets.

Ready to use

Like all SpeediCath® catheters, the SpeediCath® Navi is intended for single use, with a hydrophilic coating and packaged in a sterile saline solution. It requires no preparations and is designed to meet the needs of users’ anatomies, including a range of various degrees of hand dexterity from normal to slightly reduced.

“SpeediCath® Navi is designed especially for users in our new and evolving markets, like South Africa, where reimbursement is lower compared to our mature markets,” Robinson says. “The standard of care in South Africa has until recently been uncoated and reusable catheters. A shift in practice to sterile, single-use catheters was suggested in a study published by the South African Medical Journal in March, titled: Best practice recommendations for bladder management in spinal cord-afflicted patients in South Africa.

“With the launch of SpeediCath® Navi, we are increasing our efforts to raise the standard of care to hydrophilic catheters, much like we are doing elsewhere in the world.

“We sell our SpeediCath® standard catheters in South Africa today, but there is a clear preference for so-called soft catheters, and SpeediCath® Navi addresses this preference head on,” he concludes.

Coloplast is the global market leader in continence care products, holding 40 percent of the market. SpeediCath® Navi will be launched in Coloplast’s key emerging markets throughout 2019 and 2020.

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