Dissecting Wobbles: a memoir about life and disability

Andrew Marshall was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) – a rare, inherited disease that affects the nervous system and inhibits movement – when he was a teen. More than a decade after his diagnosis, Andrew shares his journey with FA, life and relationships in his memoir Dissecting Wobbles. While Andrew’s […]

When disability is uninspiring

Kenneth Muluadzi, founder of NGO Changing Disabilities, shares the intimate, unseen parts of disability that make many people feel uncomfortable. “I have witnessed how sharing the most intimate parts of my story has made some people uncomfortable, especially those features of my disability that aren’t considered ‘inspirational’ – such as […]

Hiring a person with a disability

People with disabilities frequently struggle to gain access to employment and training, says Devan Moonsamy, CEO of the I Can Help Africa Foundation (ICHAF) Training Institute, a South African Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. This situation is often caused by misperceptions relating to disabilities. “Most disabilities don’t prevent […]

Healthcare Y2K is here: what wheelchair users need to prepare for

The private healthcare industry underwent a coding restructuring yesterday (March 1), whereby the existing coding conventions for everything from medicines to wheelchairs and surgical supplies will migrate from six to seven digits. Wilma Liebenberg, CEO of Knowledge Objects, says: “This coding change is equivalent to the pharmaceutical and private healthcare […]

South Africans with disabilities overlooked in employment targets

The 17th Commission of Employment Equity report highlights the lack of progress in transforming South Africa’s workplace. Interestingly, there has been little mention of disability in the commentary that has followed. Tendai Khumalo, MD of Qunu Workforce, which provides disability solutions for companies and government, explains that while there is […]