Deaf learners celebrate graduation and permanent employment

A joint venture between eDEAF and the Jobs Fund will secure employment for 720 deaf individuals over a three-year period. eDEAF is a deaf-owned company that provides training and employment services with the goal of empowering deaf communities for business. Through eDEAF, leading retailer Mr Price took on 10 individuals […]

Pro-disability policy is pro-business

Businesses have a legal and moral obligation to hire people with disabilities. However, pro-disability policies can also enhance business with tax breaks and government incentives, according to Roxanne Da Mata Gonçalves, transformation specialist and director of Strata-g Labour Solutions. “Employers cannot keep hiding behind the so-called ‘high costs’ of hiring […]

Motoring industry accessible to people with disabilities

There may be a perception that the motor industry requires able-bodied people because of the manual labour involved. However, there are exceptional people with disabilities steering themselves up the career ladder and inspiring others to do the same. “We often see remarkable people in our workspace, but when someone has […]

Ready for the corporate world?

  The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) has launched its Work Readiness Programme to address the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities – specifically wheelchair users. The programme was developed after research by the non-profit found that prospective employers felt wheelchair users were not ready for the corporate […]

Clothing as a source of empowerment

On October 11, the SAB Foundation announced its first prize winner in its Disability Empowerment category of the 2018 SAB Foundation Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards. While the competition was tough, with many deserving initiatives in the running, Clothes to Good won the top prize. The awards recognise innovations […]

Robotics creating jobs for people with disabilities

Robots are well on the way to becoming ubiquitous in manufacturing, where they are having an impact on the work environment and on jobs themselves. Although some people have reservations about their use (because they can be seen to be replacing humans in the workplace), they can be greatly beneficial; […]

Hiring a person with a disability

People with disabilities frequently struggle to gain access to employment and training, says Devan Moonsamy, CEO of the I Can Help Africa Foundation (ICHAF) Training Institute, a South African Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. This situation is often caused by misperceptions relating to disabilities. “Most disabilities don’t prevent […]

South Africans with disabilities overlooked in employment targets

The 17th Commission of Employment Equity report highlights the lack of progress in transforming South Africa’s workplace. Interestingly, there has been little mention of disability in the commentary that has followed. Tendai Khumalo, MD of Qunu Workforce, which provides disability solutions for companies and government, explains that while there is […]

Tips on getting hired if you have a disability

Finding employment can sometimes be tough. It often involves sifting through messages of rejection and attending a few unsuccessful interviews before you finally get a call or email to say, ‘Welcome aboard’. For people with disabilities, it can be harder still to find a job. Even though employers cannot legally […]