Teach a man to fish

As the old saying goes: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach him how to fish and he eats for life. With a similar philosophy of ensuring members reach their fullest potential, the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) offers various skills and development programmes to assist members with entering or re-entering the workplace, which includes a work readiness programme and education fund.

QASA member Percy Mogane was recently able to attend the Gordon Institute of Business Science thanks to the education fund. He has been a member for 16 years and is very involved in the organisation. Mogane wants to help the QuadPara Association of KwaZulu-Natal (QAK) rebuild its sustainability, mission, vision, goals and values so that it is better equipped to assist quadriplegics and paraplegics in the area.

“I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills in management and leadership to be effective in decision making, leadership with good governance ethics, empower myself and my colleagues by ensuring a strong team,” he explains. “The sustainability of both QAK and QASA and scaling up of the business guided by the mission, vision, goals and values, was a big factor.”

Mogane applied for a bursary to study social entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He exceeded expectations with an average of 70 percent and above for his subjects. He thanks the organisation for the opportunity: “QASA gave me a tuition bursary and a discounted price to use the Dave Lewis Lodge (for accommodation). Without QASA, my dream would not have been achieved.”

To become a member and take advantage of this and other programmes, contact QASA at info@qasa.co.za.

One thought on “Teach a man to fish

  1. A heartfelt congratulations mogane and never-ending wishes of success to you. I am also a person with a severe mobility impairment that needs to use a power wheelchair and recently inquired to GORDON INSTITUTE BUSINESS STUDIES for a bursary to study management for a school for learners with special needs THAT I AM INVOLVED WITH. UNFORTUNATELY, THEY REPLIED TO NOT DO BURSARIES. Kindly refer me to your study advisor at gibs.

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