Trusting the process

How you get through difficult times in your life will largely be determined by whether you can reach for your courage, or whether you turn away.

It is vital to keep your mind and body as strong as possible. Eat well, exercise and allow yourself plenty of sleep. Even if going through the motions feels hollow, the actions are powerful, and powerful actions will nourish your courage.

After two months of “lowness” after I lost my job, I just got tired of feeling sorry for myself and decided enough was enough. Have you had a moment where you cried all the time until you eventually started to laugh and you didn’t know what you were laughing about? Well, I reached that point where through my struggles and frustrations, through my anguish and pain, something within me cried out for me to stop and reflect on my life.

My situation reminded me of the character Job in the Bible, who found himself in some trouble. He lost everything, including his own family. One thing I realised was that I needed to let myself go through the emotions to appreciate my survival outcome.

Some friends had distanced themselves from my situation but I got to appreciate those friends who remained and the support they provided. It is through these times that we find out what our relationships meant to each of us. I discovered another side to my friends that I didn’t know existed. And through this bond, I regained my will to pick myself up again.

I started working out every day, I started eating well again and drinking lemon water regularly, I reflected on my life and what I would like to happen moving forward. I read inspirational books daily and listened to that inner soft voice to guide my every move and choice. Today, I lost most of the unwanted weight, I’m in an excellent shape and I’m making progress. God has been faithful, as He always is.

This year might have been extremely challenging for most of us. But nine months down the line, can you honestly say that your situation has remained the same? If you look closely I bet you will realise that not much is unchanged. Be grateful of what the universe is resolving for you and on your behalf. The process might not have been easy, but there is light at the end of each tunnel. Trust me I know!

Emilie Olifant is a disability activist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She is the director of the Emilie Olifant Foundation, an organisation that strives to address socio-economic issues experienced by people with disabilities. email:

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