Unlock possibilities through disability empowerment life coaching

Embrace disability! Be the change you want to see.

A spinal cord injury that results in permanent disability changes your life irreversibly. It impacts on relationships, life goals, careers, living arrangements, and, so often, living a joyful life.

But, no number of stairs, presence of negative and hurtful attitudes, or being marginalised stands in the way of those who have managed to redefine their purpose in life by embracing their disability.  What is required is inner strength, expecting better and aspiring for more, demanding a joyful, purposeful life.

Disability empowerment life coaching offers such an opportunity. Coaching provides you with insights and tools for personal growth to enable you to become disability confident, unrestricted by self-doubt and negative attitudes.

It can also support you in harnessing your confidence; knowing that you are enough; that you are disability confident and a competent parent; and that you are an enabling inspiring employer or project leader.

In the words of Eddie Ndopu, UN SDG Advocate,

“People with disabilities do not just want access to buildings.  People with disabilities want access to self-actualisation. We want access to joy, to love, to intimacy, to belonging, to liberation. We want access to everything our imagination desires.  We want access to the fullness of our humanity.”

Coaching is not counselling or giving advice, which is the responsibility of psychologists and mentors respectively.

Coaching provides you with the space to explore options when making important decisions about your career or life path. It provides you with the tools to negotiate the decision. Coaching also supports you in gaining confidence to develop clearly defined life goals.

It can enable you to reduce the awkwardness you might experience when you are around persons with disabilities, and can guide you on your path to gaining disability confidence.

I am passionate about changing the disability narrative, by enabling persons with disabilities, their families and the people in their ecosystem to unlock their potential as champions of their own destinies.

Having mentored persons with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and decision-makers with the power of changing the narrative over the past 30 years, I have responded to the calls of offering my services as a life and executive coach.

Our coaching partnership will be structured around expecting more for, and from persons with disabilities, by providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to explore, to grow and to discover. To become who you were meant to be.

Contact me for a no-obligation, free 15-minute discussion to explore how a coaching partnership can support you in achieving your goals if you have a disability, a child, partner or close family member with a disability, and/or team members or project participants with disabilities.

Contact me on coach.lidia@outlook.com or via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DisabilityEmpowermentCoach. For more information, you can also watch my introductory video here:

Lidia Pretorius

Disability Empowerment Consultant and Life Coach

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