Will Cape Town be prepared heading to Day Zero?

Day Zero, Cape Town, prepared, wheelchair users

The QuadPara Association of the Western Cape (QAWC) has joined other stakeholders in consulting with the City of Cape Town to ensure that the needs of its members would addressed in the event of a Day Zero when the taps run dry. QAWC attended a meeting at the City of Cape Town, where various strategies and solutions were discussed.

In its recent newsletter, QAWC notes: “The organisation is very concerned [about] the City’s readiness to provide water to wheelchair users living in the community and expressed this at the meeting. QAWC continues to be involved in the discussions regarding plans for solutions for people with disabilities should Day Zero ever occur.”

ROLLING INSPIRATION contributor and QASA member Raven Benny also voiced his concern in his Upfront column in Issue 1 of 2018. He pointed out that it would be seriously challenging for wheelchair users to carry large water bottles while navigating their manual wheelchair.

“We were very pleased to see that projected dates for Day Zero have/were pushed back and we are looking forward to a very wet winter so that our dams can re-fill,” QAWC concludes.

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