2022 World Boccia Africa Regional Championships to be held in Gauteng

The South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD) will be hosting the World Boccia Africa Regional Championships in the Ekurhuleni region, Johannesburg, South Africa. This event will be hosted in collaboration with the World Boccia Sports Federation (BISFED) – the organisation responsible for governing Boccia and representing the sport on the global stage.

The competition is due to be held from May 16 to 23 2022 in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, South Africa. This championship will bring about significant benefits to the African Boccia community and development of the sport in Africa.

As this will be the first international Boccia event held on the African continent, a higher level of sports performance, wider public interest and participation in disability sports will raise the morale of the community. David Hadfield, the president of World Boccia will be attending the event together with seven international technical officials from around the world.

The SASAPD council remain committed to promoting the development of disability sports in South Africa and recognise this event as an elite event on the 2022 calendar.

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