A fighting spirit

After a horrific accident at his place of work, Clive Isaks had to adjust to life with two prosthetic hands – and he has done so with courage

If you are working with an industrial electronic metal guillotine and, while trying to remove a metal plate stuck in the mechanism, the jaws accidently close, instantly amputating both your hands, your life as you knew it changes immediately. This was the reality for Clive Isaks at the time of his transfer to the Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital to start his four-month rehabilitation process.

The human hand is far more than just a sensitive and highly functional physiological design for grasping and manipulating. It is precise, strong and versatile. It plays a vital role in communication and other social interactions. Your hands start working in the morning when you switch off the alarm clock and stop when you switch of the bedside light at night. They preform all day long and are involved in most if not all of your tasks.

With eagerness and drive, Isaks dived right into the rehabilitation process. He quickly mastered most of his challenges, including the difficult rehabilitation exercises. He had to learn how to do all activities in his daily routine with his new prostheses.

Isaks has a fighting spirit that absolutely astonished his rehabilitation team. He kept at every single task he was given with determination and courage until he was successful, without ever giving up. We are all faced with challenges in our daily lives, challenges that might seem severe and overwhelming. Maybe we should take a step back and learn something about determination and courage from this remarkable person!

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