A stepping stone to success

Khuliso David Nelwalani participated in the QASA Work Readiness Programme (WRP). He shares his experience and thanks.

“It has been a wonderful journey since the first day that I was introduced at QASA,” Khuliso says. “I started with the three-month WRP. It really was a stepping stone that helped me to be successfully placed at Mshindi Consulting on an internship programme.

“I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have for the past 12 months if it wasn’t for this great opportunity with constant support, feedback, guidance and mentorship from the QASA team,” Khuliso notes.

Since the internship, he was able to secure a permanent position at Mshindi Consulting as a senior recruitment consultant on an independent contract.

“I wish you and the QASA team all the best,” Khuliso concludes.

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