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Article written by Rolling Inspiration editor, Mariska Morris.

With life coach, Len Davey, joining the Rolling Inspiration team as a regular contributor for the magazine, I thought it would be good to sit down with him for a session of life coaching. I had never had a session, but felt I had a good understanding of what to expect. In many ways, my expectations were met, but also very much exceeded.

I’ve always thought life coaching was self-explanatory: A coach for your life. I believed it was someone who could advise and motivate you to build the life you want. It is that, but also much more.

In my first session, which Len offers for free to all his clients as a “teaser” to decide if it is something that they can benefit from, we took stock of my life and identified the areas that needed work based on my happiness in those areas of my life. Len patiently talked me through all the areas and created a safe space for me to be open and honest.

While there were goals in the back of my mind that I’ve known for a while I want to address, I approached the session as if I had no goals in mind. We settled on three areas of my life that I want to work on – two of which surprised me and came up in the session.

To refine my goals, Len guided me through an exercise in which I imagined myself living my dream life. With his encouragement and an unwavering belief that anything is possible, I was able to dream up an impossible life that felt very possible. I was able to get excited about my goals and feel determined to achieve them.

We decided on the first steps that needed to be taken and Len’s encouragement meant I got started on them the moment our session ended.

We all need a cheerleader – someone to believe in us and what we are capable of. Life coaching offers you a well-informed cheerleader. Someone who can cheer you on, help you get into the right mindset, and provide techniques so that you might finally reach those pesky, ever elusive new year’s resolutions. They can’t win the gold medal for you but can make sure you are ready for the race.

Whether you have a goal or no idea where you want to go, I can recommend having Len in your corner cheering you on. Try his free “Goal Setting Session” to get an idea of what life coaching can offer you, and/or make use of the discounted pricing now on offer for Rolling Inspiration audiences.

Life Coaching on Special Offer

Len Davey is offering a special on his life coaching course. There are six slots still available. See below advert for more information.

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