Paralympic Care

George Louw looks at what it takes to prepare mindsets and pick up the pieces before and after a big event for professional athletes When watching big sport events, we cheer the modern-day gladiators for putting their bodies on the line to out-perform their competitors. When they win, we celebrate....

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Caring with Pizzazz

Caregiver Zodwa Mabuza’s gentle, intuitive approach to caregiving moved George Louw to investigate and learn more about her journey Pizzazz meaning an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. Synonyms include stylishness, elegance, gracefulness, poise, sophistication, chic or finesse. I first met Zodwa Mabuza when she became a carer to my...

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Sporting handicaps to level the playing field

Handicaps in the sporting world makes for more fair competition. However, the system can easily be manipulated. GEORGE LOUW takes a look at the abuse of these handicaps on and off the field In 2010 and again in 2011 Hideki Matsuyama won the Asia Pacific Amateur Golf Championships. In 2021,...

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Boosting: Risking lives to stroke egos

The practice of self-induced Autonomic Dysreflexia or Boosting is illegal, but also extremely dangerous. GEORGE LOUW investigates Since the beginning of time there have been those who put their lives on the line. Some do it for a cause; like soldiers. When the cause is good, we call them heroes. […]

COVID Light – What now?

Many people are asymptomatic or only experience light symptoms when infected by COVID-19. George Louw investigates how to deal with all things COVID-light At the time of writing this article, we find ourselves in a season of runaway COVID-19 infections. In real terms, the numbers are frightening and threaten to […]

Choice. A matter of ethics

George Louw investigates how doctors make the difficult ethical decisions including how to distribute scarce resources As the number of COVID-19 infections climb, there are concerns around the difficult ethical decisions that medical staff need to make around the care of patients. George Louw reaches out to Dr Virginia Wilson, […]