Beloved QASA Driver retires

After a decade, Jacob Maboa has retired as driver for the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA). Based in Johannesburg, at the David Lewis Lodge, Jacob drove the QASA executives who visited the region on business, and the members or travellers staying at the lodge.

He also performed other transport-related duties such as deliveries, collections and managing the licensing of the various vehicles. Prior to his appointment in 2011, Jacob was the driver for the House Otto Self Help Centre in Kempton Park.

Former QASA CEO, Ari Seirlis, was a frequent passenger. He reflects: “Jacob is very patient and an absolute gentleman. He is compassionate and cares for people. He is also very streetwise and good at navigating.”

Ari adds that Jacob was extremely helpful – willing to go out of his way to assist anybody. In addition, Jacob is very friendly and talkative, although this never hindered his work. Ari adds: “Jacob was liked by everybody.”

Current QASA COO, Raven Benny says of the 65-year-old retiree: “Jacob has always been a valued employee who met or exceeded our expectations. We are sad to bid him farewell, but wish him all the best with his retirement.”

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