Wrist pain: sorted!

How can wheelchair users manage wrist pain? George William recommend solutions, from medication to lifestyle changes. Many wheelchair users rely on their arms to carry out daily activities, which include moving around and weight-bearing activities and weight-bearing activities. However, these can take their toll and result in severe wrist pain. There […]

Bowel basics

WILLIAM GEORGE examines the products and methods that wheelchair users should consider when planning their bowel programme. There are various methods to approaching bowel management for wheelchair users with spinal cord injury (SCI). A wheelchair user may need to consult a health-care practitioner or gastroenterologist to find the best bowel-management […]

A safe passage

People with mobility impairments are often nervous when travelling with expensive mobility aids in case those aids get damaged. These tips should give you some peace of mind. Many people with mobility impairments are nervous to travel with expensive mobility aids as they worry about damage to these vital pieces […]