Para surfers make waves

With beach wheelchairs, waxed boards and rash vests, some brave individuals with disabilities participated in the KwaZulu-Natal Para Surfing Championships hosted by Made for More Nothing quite matches the feeling of catching a wave. When your board is picked up and pushed out by the ocean on a wave that […]

Boosting: Risking lives to stroke egos

The practice of self-induced Autonomic Dysreflexia or Boosting is illegal, but also extremely dangerous. GEORGE LOUW investigates Since the beginning of time there have been those who put their lives on the line. Some do it for a cause; like soldiers. When the cause is good, we call them heroes. […]

Renewing travel documents

After a year in lockdown, there might be some of your important travel documents that have expired. MANDY LATIMORE investigates the renewal process With the current lockdown and travel restrictions we may be remiss in checking the expiry date of various travel documents from passports to vehicle licences. It is […]

Making the most of a good opportunity

After a life altering rugby injury, Furlo Theron makes the most of a good opportunity. The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund shares the story of hope In November of last year, Tori Gardner, the marketing manager for the Players’ Fund, visited the Fund beneficiary, Furlo Theron, at his home […]

Prosthesis only the tip of the iceberg

For HEINRICH GRIMSEHL rehabilitation is much more than simply fitting a patient for a prosthesis. He shares his thoughts What is a rehabilitation protocol and why is it so important? This is better explained by an example. Let’s say for example your leg was amputated below the knee, the wound […]