Issue 3 2020

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COVID Light – What now?

Many people are asymptomatic or only experience light symptoms when infected by COVID-19. George Louw investigates how to deal with…

George Louw George Louw
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Forms to support learners with disabilities

Continuing her series, Emma McKinney discusses the forms that teachers need to…

Emma McKinney Emma McKinney

Become an ideal candidate

Continuing his series on how persons or entrepreneurs with disabilities can benefit…

Rustim ariefdien Rustim ariefdien

Need for touch

With the isolation brought on by the national lockdown, people lack human…

Joy Duffield Joy Duffield

The final straw

It’s the final straw! My medical aid is paying a prescribed minimum…

Ari Seirlis Ari Seirlis

Pneumonia in Spinal Cord Injury

As COVID-19 rages on, Dr Ed Baalbergen reminds people with spinal cord…

Ed Baalbergen Ed Baalbergen

Choice. A matter of ethics

George Louw investigates how doctors make the difficult ethical decisions including how…

George Louw George Louw

Rewiring communication

Even with a partial or complete loss of sensation below the level…

Danie Breedt Danie Breedt