They run the world

After centuries of oppression, women are making a big noise! To celebrate Women’s Month, ROLLING INSPIRATION chats to seven golden women with disabilities to hear their tales of success AT SWANEPOEL Trained occupational therapist and seating specialist for CE Mobility, Kat Swanepoel was in her final year of studying when […]

Freedom in a life at sea

A large cabin, a roll-in shower and very helpful staff make cruising a joy for wheelchair users. QASA CEO ARI SEIRLIS explains the freedom of cruising he experiences on his trip on board the Freedom of the Seas. Rolling Inspiration published an interesting article about cruising, which planted a seed, […]

The “C” word

Cancer is a word that fills most people with dread. But, with regular testing, it can be detected and treated… Few diseases give us an opportunity to perform tests to predict its development. Some cancers are among those and the test is called screening. It can predict the development of […]