Issue 4 2020

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Dilemma of donations

Non-profit organisations often have the challenge of deciding when and how to give. George Louw brings the QuadPara Association of…

George Louw George Louw
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Searching for a cure

Many organisations are dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Scoring big with learnerships

Companies and people with disabilities can greatly benefit from learnerships as Rustim…

Rustim ariefdien Rustim ariefdien

Write a job-securing CV

There are some important dos and don’ts when writing your CV that…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Regaining self-confidence

With a vision to enable their members to live their lives to…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Behind the mask

While masks are an absolute must for protecting against COVID-19, they can…

Joy Duffield Joy Duffield

Emotional impact of SCI on sexuality

  The loss of sensation that often comes with a spinal cord…

Danie Breedt Danie Breedt

A new normal

As South Africa starts to emerge from lockdown, the sporting world returns…

Leon Fleiser Leon Fleiser

Success with first webinar

On Friday, 23 October, Rolling Inspiration hosted its first webinar during which…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration