Time to fight the pandemic fatigue

As we enter our eigth month in lockdown, still battling the coronavirus, many struggle with pandemic fatigue as they tire of safety measures. However, Raven Benny calls on his fellow South Africans to keep heart and stay safe As the world awaited the outcome of the United States presidential elections, […]

Level 1 travel restrictions

Although international travel is open, it is by no means easier to travel. Mandy Latimore takes a look at the rules in place to protect travellers from COVID-19 With the president moving the country to Level 1 of the lockdown, there have been conflicting and confusing reports about travel into […]

Searching for a cure

Many organisations are dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. We take a look at the progress made with many projects funded by the Wings for Life Foundation Spinal cord injuries are tricky. It is very difficult to predict how the body will react, what functions will be affected […]

Write a job-securing CV

There are some important dos and don’ts when writing your CV that could be the difference between being invited for an interview or being overlooked While the interview can be the most nerve-racking  and beautifully designed CV secures interviews. Similarly, spelling errors and an incohesive layout could make an employer […]