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What to do with sausage feet

Swollen or sausage feet can be uncomfortable, but also harmful. George Louw sheds some light on the causes of this…

George Louw George Louw
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Value of the disability grant

The pandemic has shaken the economy, leaving many destitute. But people with…

Rustim ariefdien Rustim ariefdien

Backing patients in fight for better funding

Healthcare workers might be reluctant to challenge funders, but their oath to…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Medical aid dispute a matter of principle

Despite spending four months disputing a claim with her medical aid, Mandy…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Surprise breakaway

A family holiday to Hoedspruit surprised Heinrich Grimsehl with exquisite accommodation and…

Heinrich Grimsehl Heinrich Grimsehl

Finally, the Games happened!

After a long, five-year wait, Team South Africa finally made it to…

Leon Fleiser Leon Fleiser

Journeying back from catastrophic injury

A devasting rugby injury almost left Lifa Hlongwa paralysed. Fortunately, a keen…

Rolling Inspiration Rolling Inspiration

Must-know legalities for tenants with disabilities

While South African laws do protect renters with disabilities from evictions, Cilna…

Cilna Steyn Cilna Steyn

Playing the online dating game in a wheelchair

Online dating can be daunting, but a great way to find romance…

Danie Breedt Danie Breedt