One size doesn’t fit all…

Many wheelchair users either can’t afford quality wheelchairs or face long waiting lists. Donated wheelchairs seem like the solution, but there’s a catch. ccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than a billion people need assistive technologies such as wheelchairs. However, only one in every 10 of those has […]

Five years with Panthera

Is it risky to use an ultra-light wheelchair? Personal accounts from Chairman Industries’s two longest-term users of Panthera dispel the myths and stigmas. It has now been more than five years since the arrival of Panthera wheelchairs in South Africa. There have been many positives and some negatives said about […]

Make gym less daunting

Personal trainer SUNE VAN NIEUWENHUYZEN shares her exercise routine for wheelchair users. I put this programme together so that wheelchair users can exercise without getting out of their wheelchair. The programme is designed for the Human Sport Equipment and Kinesis machine, which allows wheelchair users (who are not strong enough to […]

Judge of his own court

From the Paralympic Games to corporate success, Justin Govender’s journey has been one of overcoming setbacks and embracing growth and inspiration. JEAN-LUC HARDY explains. At the young age of 17, Justin found himself facing an entirely new world after having his ability to walk stripped from him. In 1995, he was […]