Telkom has a new and important aim. THATO TINTE looks at how the company is distinguishing itself as an equal opportunities provider for people with disabilities People with disabilities have often experienced imbalanced career opportunities and limited employment within the country’s workforce. Thankfully, progressive companies such as Telkom are changing […]

Coloplast breaks new ground in the field of bladder management

Recent research into the standard of care and related quality of life of the (mainly) spinal-cord injured/afflicted (SCI/SCA) community in South Africa has revealed significant gaps in practice and challenges regarding levels of care and access to services and supplies specifically related to the neurogenic bladder here is a significant […]

Dynamite Doug

Radio 2000 senior content producer Doug Anderson was honoured with the Order of Baobab Silver in December last year. CLAIRE RENCKEN learns more about the man behind the award. The National Orders Awards ceremony was held at the Sefako Makgatho presidential guest house on December 8, 2015. Doug, a former […]

No limits

The word “tireless” comes to mind when you meet the indefatigable CEO of QASA, Ari Seirlis. DEBORAH LOUW reports Already a busy man with a full and varied workload, in 1985 sports-loving Ari Seirlis, then 23, had just completed the Comrades Marathon and was enjoying one of his favourite pastimes […]

Chef’s corner

The latest designs are helping to make kitchens universally accessible. THATO TINTE assesses how they measure up. It is said that the kitchen is the heart of a home – a place where the family gathers and the magic happens. With a place so synonymous with warmth, conversation and tantalising […]

When the shoe fits

As all athletes know, it’s vital to have the right footwear. Balance, cushioning, support and comfort are all key features of a good shoe or trainer. Why should things be any different for athletes with a disability? DEBORAH LOUW takes a look. One of the challenges facing people with a […]