Issue 6 2021

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A stepping stone to success

Khuliso David Nelwalani participated in the QASA Work Readiness Programme (WRP). He shares his experience and thanks. “It has been…

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Paralympic Care

George Louw looks at what it takes to prepare mindsets and pick…

George Louw George Louw

Travelling safely with batteries

  With the holiday season upon us, Mandy Latimore takes a look…

Mandy Latimore Mandy Latimore

Disability community wellbeing during lockdown

 Researchers surveyed the disability community to determine their financial and emotional wellbeing…

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Brief history of disability activism

With various days to commemorate disability rights in November and December, here…

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With summer and the holidays here, many people are looking to remove…

Joy Duffield Joy Duffield

Care for the carer

Parents and caregivers of children with disailities are at risk of burning…

Emma McKinney Emma McKinney

Painful prosthesis

  Not living your best life even after your amputation? It could…

Heinrich Grimsehl Heinrich Grimsehl

Importance of a CV

  A Curriculum Vitae (CV) plays an important role in giving potential…

Rustim ariefdien Rustim ariefdien

Reasonable accommodation in the workplace

  Despite hesitation by businesses, reasonable accommodation is essential to an equal…

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