Pain management with CBD

Neck, joint and shoulder pain are common among wheelchair users. It’s unsurprising when considering that most of these aches and pains are caused by incorrect posture or overuse of the upper extremities. Although this is a significant problem, it can be largely alleviated. For wheelchair user, potential causes of pain […]

Virtual, private counselling with Syked

The SAB Foundation is dedicated to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who show promise and are dedicated to improving the surrounding communities. This month, the organisation highlighted Syked – a virtual private counselling platform for individuals looking for alternative ways of seeking mental health support without putting themselves at risk. […]

Lockdown kilos could be bad for your health

While the intention of lockdown regulations and physical distancing was to contain the spread of COVID-19, the unintended consequences have been an economic crisis, record-high unemployment and a “plumper” population. A national survey conducted in the last two months among almost 2 000 South African adults paints a dire picture: […]