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Navigating through unintended consequences of SCI

Beware the unintended consequences of spinal cord injury. We must look after

Ari Seirlis Ari Seirlis

Sleep, wonderful sleep, wherefore art thou?

Sleep is crucial to our health, but is often a challenge for

George Louw George Louw

“Wheelchair Friendly” versus Universal Accessible – the ongoing Saga

Not all accommodation advertised as wheelchair friendly is accessible according to universal

Mandy Latimore Mandy Latimore

Disability Employment Equity targets a travesty

With the introduction of the Employment Equity Amendment Act, Rustim Ariefdien discusses

Rustim ariefdien Rustim ariefdien

Thought life

Our thoughts about our lives play an important role in shaping it

Len Davey Len Davey

Carrying Mommy and Baby on the same prosthesis

The perfectly fitted prosthetic breathed new life into a new mommy after

Heinrich Grimsehl Heinrich Grimsehl

Pursuing tertiary education

Despite your level of schooling or job experience, there are ways to

Emma McKinney Emma McKinney

Delicate journey of rediscovery

It takes delicate and intentional actions to rediscover intimacy and sexuality after

Danie Breedt Danie Breedt

Disability Act is the way to go

While there are guidelines in place to support people with disabilities, these

Ari Seirlis Ari Seirlis