Painful prosthesis

  Not living your best life even after your amputation? It could have something to do with the treatment protocol used. Heinrich Grimsehl provides some insights An amputation is traumatic. You must deal with the change in body image and your new level of mobility or disability, depending on your...

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Surprise breakaway

A family holiday to Hoedspruit surprised Heinrich Grimsehl with exquisite accommodation and an unexpected owner For July, my family, along with several other couples and their children, had planned a breakaway over the school holiday. Unfortunately, the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and the resulting travel restrictions stopped...

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Stepping into the future

Netcare has implemented an electronic medical record system, CareOn, which has enabled staff to have a truly patient-centric approach to treatment. Heinrich Grimsehl explains In 2018, Netcare embarked on a journey to digitise clinical records. This would provide patients with the best and safest care. Only a year later, by...

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From strength to strength

Every so often, someone completely inspiring crosses our path. HEINRICH GRIMSEHL shares the story of one patient who continues to amaze Meet Louisa Brown: Wife, mother of twins, Christian counsellor, fitness fanatic, professional photographer, Rottweiler breeder, and … oh yes, I almost forgot, transfemoral (above-the-knee) amputee. In 2002, Louisa lost...

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Prosthesis only the tip of the iceberg

For HEINRICH GRIMSEHL rehabilitation is much more than simply fitting a patient for a prosthesis. He shares his thoughts What is a rehabilitation protocol and why is it so important? This is better explained by an example. Let’s say for example your leg was amputated below the knee, the wound […]

I lost my leg, please treat me properly (Part 2)

In the second part of the series, Heinrich Grimsehl investigates the ideal socket fitment protocol Please be informed that this article is a follow up from my article in the previous edition of ROLLING INSPIRATION. The same disclaimer applies. This is simply my opinion. Also, this article should only be […]

I lost my leg, please treat me properly

Not all medical professionals perform quite as required – therefore you should know your rehabilitation landmarks. In the first part of this series, Heinrich Grimsehl explains some basic treatment protocols At the beginning of an article like this the disclaimers are important. You will soon see why. Everything in this...

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