CBD oil for pain relief: Part Two

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In a two-part series, Patricia Taylor, owner of Life Retreat, shares some advice on managing neck pain and the benefits of CBD oil in pain management.

Unlike opioid medicines, there is no evidence of any negative impact or a likelihood of addiction to cannabis or CBD oil. There are also no known cases of anyone overdosing on CBD. However, these oils are not a miracle in a bottle.

It really will help ease pain, but it is important to address the cause of the pain. It is also imperative that, once you feel its effects, you don’t cut down on any prescribed medication without your doctor’s consent.

The following can assist in preventing or reducing pain:

Posture and positioning

You should be sitting up as erect as possible. A proper headrest will prevent your head from dropping down or pushing forwards.


It is best to avoid refined sugars and starch, as both contribute to stiff joints. Try eating a healthy, balanced diet. Consult a dietitian before making any significant changes to your meal planning.


Sufficient rest is important in the body’s natural healing process. Be sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep – preferably at the same time every day. Also, take note of the position in which you usually sleep and, if necessary, adjust it to avoid straining your neck or back muscles.

Exercise and movement

If possible, do as much as possible of your exercise and movement during the day. Regular sessions with a physiotherapist are highly recommended.

Pain and inflammation medication

Only take pain and inflammation medication when absolutely necessary so as to cut down on it completely eventually. These medications can have adverse effects on the stomach.

Terrain and wheelchair ergonomics

Avoid bumpy terrain and stick to smooth, wheelchair-friendly paths. Upgrade or replace your wheelchair and seat cushion when necessary to avoid bad posture – even though these are not cheap, they are worth it in the long run. Before making such purchases, consult a seating specialist to ensure you will be comfortable.

Breathwork and mindfulness

Deep breaths are important in maintaining a healthy flow of oxygen through the body. Practising deep breathing with mindfulness can also help you relax and keep your mind at ease.


Like breathwork and mindfulness, meditation can assist in reducing stress. Numerous guided meditations can be found on YouTube. Ideally, everybody should meditate for at least 20 minutes each day.

Company and socialising

Surround yourself with loved ones as often as possible. No matter how much pain we are in, we tend to lose focus of it when we are in the company of positive family members and friends.

Spend time in nature and get creative

Nature with its beautiful colours and sounds can help you heal. It uplifts all five of our senses and we should spend a little time outdoors every day. Go get some vitamin D, but remember to apply sunscreen. Being outdoors can be combined with getting creative – a healing activity for our minds, bodies and souls. Start crafting, painting or reading!

Finally, remember always to ask for help when you are stuck, whether you need assistance to reach an item or adjust your seating. Overstraining or remaining in an uncomfortable position for an extended period can cause you much harm.

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