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In a two-part series, Patricia Taylor, owner of Life Retreat, shares some advice on managing neck pain and the benefits of CBD oils in pain management.

Neck, joint and shoulder pain are common among wheelchair users. This is not surprising, as most of these aches and pains are caused by incorrect posture or overuse of the upper extremities. Although this is a significant problem, it can be alleviated. Effective relief of pain and stiffness can change your life.

The causes include overuse of the arms with manual wheelchairs, thrusting the neck forwards and lack of lumbar or head support. Addressing body posture and positioning can assist in preventing pain. If you already suffer from pain, cannabis oil can assist with managing your level of discomfort.

How cannabis oil works

There is mounting evidence suggesting that cannabis oil helps alleviate symptoms of muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, autism, insomnia and depression among others. Made from the calming cannabidiol (CBD) found in the marijuana plant, CBD oil influences the release and uptake of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin.

This leads to many therapeutic uses. Its calming effect can reduce acidity and muscle spasms as well as enable you to get a better night’s sleep. It eases the throat and stomach muscles, allowing you to eat and digest your food more efficiently. Sleep and nutrition are two of the essential things in our journey to living pain free.

How to apply cannabis oil

There are several ways to use CBD oil. You can use a drop of tincture twice a day or rub cramp cream onto painful and stiff areas twice a day. The healing benefits of both are enhanced by rolling the pain-ease or stress-ease roll-ease onto your temples.

For children under 12, it is best to use only the cramp cream and roll-ease. Touch is the biggest benefit and healing enhancer of the cramp cream on both adults and children. Ideally, the cream should be massaged onto the stiff areas. Nothing eases pain and stiffness more than the feeling of being touched and loved.

Remember, it’s not a cure …

It is important to remember that CBD oil is not a miracle in a bottle. It really will help ease all of the above, but it is important also to address the cause of the pain (namely, posture and positioning) and adjust lifestyle habits. Avoid cutting down on any prescribed medication without the consent of your doctor.

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