Celebrating women with disabilities in our latest issue

The fourth edition of Rolling Inspiration is on its way! In this issue, we celebrate women with disabilities by interviewing three women who have lead inspiring lives. We hope to motivate and inspire other with their stories. Here is a short teaser of what to expect from our cover story:

“For me getting into media was not because I wanted to be famous,” says Tarryn Tomlinson, the presenter of Activated – a national show broadcasted on SABC 2. She continues: “It was because I wanted to change the perceptions many abled-bodied people have of persons with disabilities and I knew that media was the best way to do so.”

“Find your purpose and your passion, work on improving yourself daily, mentally, physically and spiritually, and then use your voice or your craft to express yourself,” she advises.

Her advice to her younger self: “I’d tell myself to stop being so hard on myself, that I can trust myself and that everything will be okay. I’d advise myself to let go of the past and toxic people quicker and to remember that I am beautiful, special, brilliant and valuable no matter what!”

For Karen Smit, education is extremely important. She notes: “It’s also important to remember that one is never too old to study. I was 30 years old when I started studying for the very first time as barriers prevented me from studying directly after school.”

“Today technology and access to the internet makes it so much easier to study as one can study an array of courses online from home at your own pace,” Karen adds. She has gone on to complete her PhD in Disability Studies within the Health Science faculty at the University of Cape Town.

Zara Talmarkes attended the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) Work Readiness Programme in the pursuit of improving her quality of life. After completing the programme, she says: “After learning so much about modules and morals of the work environment, I felt so much more confident. I can now apply for any job without any fear in my heart.”

“A month after I graduated from the programme, I received a phone call from Takealot.com, inviting me to an interview. The interview went well and I started working at Takealot.com in 2019,” she concludes.

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