Change is good

At the start of a new decade, there are bound to be many changes. For QASA, this means publishing the ROLLING INSPIRATION magazine in-house

ROLLING INSPIRATION has been the publication of choice for many people with mobility impairment and members of the disability community for a very long time. It is a magazine of which QASA is very proud, with a rich history as the only glossy magazine for people with mobility impairments in Africa.

Now, going into the new year, QASA is stepping up to publishing ROLLING INSPIRATION in-house and independently while continuing to deliver a quality and informative magazine.

We are very grateful to every single person who contributes to making this magazine the high-quality publication it is. First, a huge thank you to our subscribers, who faithfully support this magazine.

Second, our gratitude goes to our top contributors who regularly churn out the most amazing articles and, I know, will continue to do so.

Third, to the advertisers, who are the lifeblood of the magazine and diligently support us by advertising their products and services, I say thank you and well done. This is the right platform for you, as we are your market and remain at the forefront of all disability-related matters.

When it comes to issues of wheelchair users and their basic human rights, the latest updates on products, projects and services, we will have you covered through this magazine!

QASA, the owners of the publication, made the decision to assemble a capable young team to head up the publishing of ROLLING INSPIRATION. We will continue to offer a printed and electronic copy of the magazine as well as a bi-weekly electronic newsletter.

This is a very conscientious matter that was carefully thought through and planned strategically by the management board. I commend the board for their bravery and the faith they have in the team.

With the continued support of all of you, ROLLING INSPIRATION will continue to be rolled out to our current and many new subscribers.

We will have the opportunity to revive how we market and manage the publication. Herein lie some measures of experience and expertise, as QASA has gone through quite a few changes throughout its lifetime. We have adapted to these changes and remain the leading organisation for people with mobility impairments in South Africa.

We offer our membership a basket filled with some of our best projects, including the Bags of Hope and Driving Ambitions. Advocacy, lobbying and improving the quality of life of all quadriplegics and paraplegics are our biggest activities.

We deliver our Work Readiness skills programme, which has greatly impacted the lives of many of our members. The QASA Education Fund and Neville Cohen Sports Fund continue to support individuals and groups who wish to further their education and participate in sport.

These products, coupled with a top-class magazine, are changing the landscape positively for our many members and the readers of ROLLING INSPIRATION.

Last, we at QASA would like to thank our former publishers – Charmont Media Global – for their years of commitment to the magazine and their contribution to its status. Now we have the confidence to go in-house.

We look forward to delivering a great publication, but most importantly, to receive your feedback. QASA plans to take the magazine to new heights in the foreseeable future. We are positive and rely on the continued commitment and support from all our advertisers, subscribers and the many people who see the benefit of having access to a magazine of the calibre of ROLLING INSPIRATION.


Raven Benny has been a C5, 6 and 7 quadriplegic since 2000. He is married and has five children, is mad about wheelchair rugby and represented South Africa in 2003 and 2005. He relocated from Cape Town to Durban, where he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of QASA from August 1, 2019. email:

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