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According to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), taxpayers with a disability (or a household which includes a family member with a disability) can claim back up to 33,3 percent of their out-of-pocket medical expenses. These expenses need to be directly associated to the disability. SARS notes the example of a wheelchair user acquiring a GPS.

“The expense must also be necessary for the alleviation of the restriction on a person’s ability to perform functions of daily living. For example, if a wheelchair user, who has no visual impairment, buys a hand-held GPS, the cost of the hand-held GPS will not qualify as a deduction even though the expense appears in the list. This is because the hand-held GPS is not directly connected to this person’s disability.”

Claiming rebates from SARS can be a challenge. However, Soweto-based accounting firm Numbrfactory could make the process simpler. Numbrfactory offers accounting and tax services specialising in financial solutions for people with disabilities. The firm offers educational workshop for people with disabilities and assist them with tax benefit claims.

Founder of Numbrfactory Themba Dube notes that he was inspired by the lack of tax benefits claims by people with disabilities. According to Dube, when he started the firm, only 44 000 claims were submitted to SARS. Yet there are 370 000 people with disabilities who are eligible to claim.

“We educate people with disabilities about the available rebates. If they chose to use our services, we then submit on their behalf and monitor their taxes,” says Dube. Numbrfactory assists people affected by disability, which includes a caretaker or family member as well as a person with a disability. Most expenses required to care for a person with a disability can be rebated.

“A person who has a dependent with a disability would have to incur extra expenditure in looking after that person. Say the child has special needs, they would have to go to a certain school and would require transport to that school. They would require special attention when the parent is away at work. All those expenses are deductible,” notes Dube.

To learn more about the Numbrfactory, you can visit their website. You can also learn more about the business in Dube’s interview on Business Day TV’s The Big Small Business Show.


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