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In a new series, Len Davey takes us through the process of life coaching

Len Davey
By Len Davey
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In a new series, Len Davey takes us through the process of life coaching

Written by Len Davey

Life coaching speaks to us firstly as human beings. Our human needs are not wants; they are ontological (stemming from the condition of being human). Our needs, among other things, are fundamental to our happiness. Unfortunately, these topics are not taught or discussed in our upbringing. Life coaching bridges these waters of uncertainty and teaches us to fulfil these needs and conditions of happiness and success.

Let me explain. Life coaching is not counselling nor a branch of psychology. It is a solution- focused approach to personal development that can assist with making lasting changes in all areas of your life by empowering you with specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that work for everyone.

It is such an awesome journey of “self- discovery” that we undertake together by establishing your unique purpose in life and then living into that purpose. It is so important to understand, clearly, what makes a person tick. It is important to realise the extent to which your actions and behaviours have been influenced, not by your true passion, but by the seemingly chaotic, demanding and largely ambivalent external world.

The above is termed “Transformational Life Coaching”. If we looked at your goal in isolation, and only focused on attaining that specific goal, it would be called “Transactional LC”. The latter may require only two or three sessions.

This field of coaching has a place in society if one is stuck, overwhelmed, or if one just needs inspiration. We can work out a course of action designed to provide intermittent coaching for a specific solution. However, it is actually not what we recommend.

Life is a journey, and life coaching is not just focused on the destination. It is about “the journey” and assists you to create your own specific road map, as each person’s journey is unique.

Life coaching also helps you to identify and eliminate your “limiting beliefs and behaviours” in order to create the life of your choosing. We explore the two main protagonists in life, namely, the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. We explore how these protagonists influence our behaviour and, ultimately, our life.

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Len Davey
By Len Davey Life Coach
Len Davey is a qualified life coach and writes about the value of life coaching.
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