Dancing to a new world record

Organisers of the Ball for All are now set on breaking the world record for Combi Wheelchair Dance on April 18, 2020. With approval from Queen to use the hit “Don’t Stop Me Now”, the organisers aim to have 500 concurrent dancers on the dance floor.

The Foschini Group has offered to sponsor the outfits, and jewellery designer Jenna Clifford has donated a R25 000 piece as a prize for the person who recruits the most participants! Ehlers Attorneys, loyal supporters of the Ball for All and specialists in Road Accident Fund claims, will once again back the group.

Are you interested in participating or would you like to find out more? Visit the Ball for All website at www.ballforall.biz/blog/ or email Elmarie Bouwer at elmarie@ballforall.co.za.

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