Debunking the myths around the COVID vaccine

To promote the first issue of 2021, Rolling Inspiration is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 31 March, at 7 PM. During the free-to-attend event, Rolling Inspiration editor, Mariska Morris, and managing editor, Raven Benny, will discuss the myths surrounding the COVID vaccine with Rolling Inspiration contributor, George Louw.

George qualified as a medical doctor, but, due to a progressing spastic paralysis, chose a career in health administration. For Issue 1 of 2021, he took a look at the many false beliefs surround the COVID-19 vaccine, the dangerous and risks.

With some research from reputable sources, George debunked 10 myths from whether the vaccine has a tracking device to whether you need to get vaccinated if you’ve had COVID-19. He will be discussing some of these myths and a few new ones during the webinar.

Also joining the discussion is Heinrich Grimsehl, prosthesis and Rolling Inspiration contributor. He will discuss the dangers of Dr Google – blindly trusting the information on the internet without a second opinion.

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