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According to Forrester Research, accessible websites provide companies with a significant business opportunity, as people with disabilities, globally, have more than US$1,2 trillion (R17,6 trillion) in disposable income. Yet digital accessibility is not improving even though more than a million new websites become active daily.

Many websites are not compliant with US legislation and exclude individuals who rely on assistive technology. AudioEye aims to eradicate these access barriers by helping thousands of sites become compliant through the combination of technological and human-based oversight from AudioEye.

“Digital accessibility is a business imperative that enables companies to expand their customer base while adhering to legal compliance requirements and doing the right thing,” says Sean Bradley, co-founder of AudioEye. “Accessibility no longer has to be challenging.

“AudioEye’s patented self-service or managed solutions help small companies and multinational enterprises by providing the technology and support professional services to enable their digital accessibility journey,” he adds.

AudioEye uses machine learning to analyse the accessibility of websites and provides solutions. AudioEye Voice, for example, allows the website user to control the site using verbal commands. Visit the AudioEye website to learn about the services it offers:


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  • Do you work with eyegaze at all. My best friend has been diagnosed with MND ALS, and for her to be able to communicate this is the device we need.

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