Express your style with crocheted wheel covers

Hülya (@huelya_dennis), a stylish lady from Germany, shows off her wheel guard. The photo is taken by her husband, Dennis.

With a family love for crafts, designer Simone Ursula learned to crochet from her grandmother at an early age. One day, she was pleasantly surprised by her mother who handmade a dress guards for her bicycle.

She liked the dress guard so much that she started crocheting them for her daughters as well. This became a cycling advertising with many enquiring about the dress guards.

From there, Simone started Simeli – her business in which she sells dress guards that are beautiful and functional. The guards help prevent clothing from getting caught in the bike spokes. Simeli also uses smart, non-rusting clips to fit the dress guard to the mudguard.

Wheelchair dress guards

It didn’t stop there! A conversation with a lady in a wheelchair, sparked an idea in Simone: dress guards for a wheelchair. After a year of designing, developing, trial and error, Simeli introduced crocheted wheel covers for wheelchairs.

Coincidentally the clips specially designed for attaching dress guards to a bicycle can also be used to attach the crochetwork to a metal ring to make the wheel covers. That way they can be easily disassembled for washing.

The covers are also multi-purpose. Add some ribbons and hang it up, and you have a dreamcatcher!

Wheelchair models

Hülya (@huelya_dennis).

To advertise the wheelchair dress guards, Simone reached out to wheelchair users across the globe to post beautiful photos of themselves with the wheel covers. In exchange for some pictures, Simone gave each lady a free cover.

While they were only asked to post one photo, the women were so enthusiastic, they sent numerous pictures and keep posting to their social media accounts photos of their wheel guards.

A pair of new wheel covers to complete your outfit. That was the idea, but it’s the models who make the wheel covers elegant and classy, according to designer Simone.

They are now in use by dozens of very enthusiastic ladies all over the world. From the United States to London, from New Zealand to Milan, but also already a few in the Netherlands.

Silke (@xx.silke_prive.xx) from the Netherlands.

Through the website the dress guards and wheel covers are ready to order but for those who want to crochet them themselves the pattern is available including Simeli clips and metal rings. If you make them yourself, you have double the fun!

For more information, go check out the Simeli website at  or visit the Instagram page by clicking here.

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