Family funds prosthetic leg for young boy

Nine-year-old Michael Kgolane, who was born with a deformity in his lower legs and has not been able to walk, will soon have prosthetic limbs, thanks to the kindness of a family from Pretoria.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, was travelling in the Groblersdal area recently when they saw a group of youngsters pushing Michael along the side of the road in a wheelbarrow. The family stopped the car and asked the children where they were taking Michael and were told that they were taking him to play with his friends, as he himself could not walk there.

This chance encounter made such a strong impression on the family that they decided to forgo the overseas trip they had planned and rather use the money to fund Michael’s medical care and the prosthetic limbs that will enable him to have improved mobility and quality of life.

“This family’s unbelievable kindness enabled Michael to undergo successful surgery at the end of November to amputate his lower legs and shape them in preparation for being fitted with prosthetic limbs next year,” says Dr Mart-Mari Visser, an orthopaedic surgeon who practises at Netcare Pretoria East Hospital and performed the surgery.

“This wonderful young boy, who is always smiling and never complains, is recovering well in hospital from the surgery. Once he has fully healed, he will be ready to have his prosthetic limbs designed and fitted. These should greatly improve his quality of life,” adds Dr Visser.

Michael’s mother, Ditebogo Kglane, says that she will be forever grateful to the family who enabled her son to get prosthetic legs.

“The kindness of this family has been unbelievable,” reflects Kglane. “My family and I would like to thank these caring people, and everyone who has been involved in treating him, from the bottom of our hearts.

“Until now, Michael has had to get around our home on his knees, and we have had to use a wheelbarrow to get him to school, because we have not been able to afford a wheelchair. Once his new prosthetic legs have been fitted he will be able to walk for the first time,” she says.

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