Freedom regained with Driving Ambitions

Driving Ambitions, QASA, QuadPara Association

Carol Khoza, from Mpumalanga, was involved in a life-changing car accident two years ago that left her a paraplegic and unemployed. She faced many challenges, of which the toughest was just to get around. She was very disappointed by the treatment she received whenever she used public transport.

Carol then found out about the Driving Ambitions programme run by the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA). She was accepted in the programme, went through all the training – and soon obtained her licence. She says it has rescued her from her nightmare of feeling immobile and stuck in one place.

QASA helped her, she says, to reach her goal of being independent and able to drive herself wherever she wants to go. She adds that obtaining her driver’s licence showed her and her other friends that people with disabilities can still have a rich life after a spinal cord injury or other injury or disease. She says that persons with disabilities should always remember that they have many abilities beyond the disabilities.

Now that she’s independent, Carol will never miss another medical check-up through lack of transport. She will be on time for interviews and won’t have to stay caught in the rain again. She joined in a personal celebration of her own on South Africa’s recent Freedom Day.

She adds that this has all been possible due to QASA, Caroline Rule, Ronelle Lyson and the wonderful, patient and funny Driver Trainer, Des Harmse. QASA wishes Carol all the best on her journey. Drive safe and buckle up!

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